The voice of love, pain and romance, Arijit Singh
  • What is the first song that plays on your mind when you think of Arijit Singh? or just name a recent movie without a song by him? Anyone?

  • Well, here’s presenting to you the glorious singing sensation, Arijit Singh Live in Concert in Hyderabad by My Music My Country in association with Hyderabad Talkies. For the first time ever in Hyderabad, on Nov 23rd.
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  • While we dig into the journey of this man, he is nothing but pure gold and has the most inspiring journey ever. No, it wasn’t as easy as it seems to be. Today as we hear a new song by him coming up with almost every new movie release, there was a time when he struggled for a chance and failed multiple times despite being recognised for the lovely voice we adore.

  • It all began with Fame Gurukul in 2005. From the little town of Murshidabad, born to a Bengali mother and Punjabi father, Arijit set for his pursuit of music while he was just 18 and struggled tirelessly to the road of success. He definitely won many hearts with his voice of passion at the show yet was eliminated midway and this left him right where he started from. However, he was given a chance by his majesty, Sanjay Leela Bhasali for Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor starrer Saawariya. Arijit put his entire heart and soul into singing ‘Yun Shabnami’ but the script somehow had to change leaving the song unreleased. Later when Kumar Taurani, the head of Tips offered Arijit an album there came a ray of hope to his singing career and yet again contradicting all his aspiration, this too wasn’t released. His initial years were terrible until he set up his own studio in Mumbai and began composing Music.

  • Despite being a failure, Arijit never gave up on his passion for singing and worked towards making himself better everyday. He began assisting Music Director, Pritam in 2010 for several movies and finally broke out debut in a telugu movie ‘Kedi’ in 2011. His Bollywood debut was with ‘Phir Mohobbat’ from Murder 2, that was released in 2011. Later barged in opportunities for movies including Agent Vinod, Cocktail, Barfi, Shanghai and finally Aashiqui 2, since when there was just no looking back.

  • His slow ladder to success is a labour of love. Despite numerous struggles and continuous failure, Arijit never gave up and tried beyond everything he could to achieve all that he did today. He is a superstar indeed and has won a million hearts for the soul he adds to every song and composition. The king of playback singing has sung in various languages including: Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, Assamese, and Kannada leaving his huge fan base all over the world in absolute awe and irrevocable love for his voice.

  • Arijit has to his credit three Filmfare awards, a Stardust award, an IIFA award, two Zee Cine awards, nine awards from 10 nominations for 'Tum Hi Ho,' award for "Youth Icon", and a music award 2014 from National Indian Students Union UK.

  • Not just in songs of love, pain and romance, Arijit has also proved his mettle in singing numerous songs from various genres of music and has everything at his finger. He continues to mesmerise the audience with his overwhelming performances every time on stage and playback singing needs no special mention again. Today, it really doesn’t matter which movie, what’s the story or who’s the hero, if it has a song by Arijit then we’re already in love with it. He is the face of playback singing and a rising star indeed!

  • So for all you passionate and struggling singers out here, here’s what it takes to make your name. Never give up and keep trying until the day arrives.

  • And here’s for you, Arijit Singh on Nov 23rd in your city of love with the man you love.

  • See you there.

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